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Which is the Best Factoring Company?

The answer is  - there is a “best factoring company” for your business, but no “Best Overall”.

The best factoring company to act in partnership with your business may be:-

  • your own bank if you prefer a “packaged” solution
  • an independent company, if you do not wish to rely unduly on your bank (ie avoid the issue of “too many eggs in one basket”)
  • the cheapest factoring company (particularly if you have a strong business with straight-forward debt and a well-spread ledger); however, beware headline rates as you will need to consider any supplementary charges
  • the company offering the best service levels (this will enable you to have confidence in their ledger management services and free your time to grow your business)
  • a company local to you, if you prefer hands-on relationship management.

If you are looking for the best factoring company for your business, please contact us as we are able to offer impartial, free advice on the choices available to you.

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