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Accountants Failing to use Invoice Finance

New research has revealed 67% of accountants have never made use of invoice finance for their clients, although many acknowledge the benefits of the facility.

Commercial finance company IGF Invoice Finance surveyed 101 accountants to determine their familiarity with and use of invoice finance.

Despite the low rate of usage, 56% of those surveyed admitted that at least one of their clients would benefit from the facility, while some respondents suggested they had up to 20 clients who may benefit.

Tracy Ewen, Managing Director at IGF, said: “Our survey shows what we in the industry have long suspected that, whilst the majority of accountants understand the benefits of utilising invoice finance, they are simply not recommending it to clients as a cash flow solution.

“Invoice finance has all too often been viewed as purely a last resort. However, this is not the case, invoice finance is best used as a catalyst for growth and a means by which a business can prosper and thrive.”

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