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More SMEs seek support from Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

The amount of small and medium-sized enterprises seeking support from Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance has increased by more than 20 per over the past year.

In 2014, the company funded invoices worth £823m for SMEs seeking cash flow support, a record for the firm. As a result, Hitachi's client base has grown by 80 per cent in the past five years.

Managing director Steve Smith: "Despite this unprecedented growth, we are not standing still as an industry. Statistics tell us that independent financial providers are supporting more UK businesses than ever".

"We are broadening our services and designing specialist products to meet the specific needs of businesses in the recruitment and manufacturing sectors as well as others. Our aim is to continue growing and we have big plans to create more innovative financial solutions and break into new grounds."

Smith also added the spike could be down to savvy businesses refusing to wait for bank lending.

"Finance for small businesses is high on the government’s agenda but many SMEs aren’t waiting around for further support," he said.

"Those businesses that know their way around the financial market are using alternative simple, affordable and flexible solutions to help relieve cash flow pressures."

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